You’re lonely guide to solo sex should start off with you picking up your phone and hitting our phone sex line, because who wants to get off all by yourself? There are plenty of callers to connect with for platonic phone fun or sexy talk over the speaker.

Many people call into our phone sex lines looking to have a pleasure filled conversation with someone, but some individuals don’t know how to probably give themselves an orgasm.

But knowing what is going on and how everything works down there can be hard for women or girls to grasp. Men just have a dick, that’s it. Women have another thing going on down south, which can be hard to figure out. So when you call into our phone sex lines, here is some advice on how to get that O-face.

1.     Use both hands: While caressing yourself with one hand, use the other on the almighty clitoris. Don’t just pay homage to the clit, touching other parts of your body increase the intensity of your orgasms. It’s different for all women. Some get off from rubbing their breasts and others get wet when rubbing their nipples.

2.     Tease yourself: Also known as “edging,” this is when we turn masturbating into a marathon, not a spring. You can start off by teasing yourself by touching every inch of your body before going straight for the vagina. Once you hit the clit and turn yourself onto the edge of an orgasm, stop and repeat.

3.     It’s more then just the clit: Sometimes women think it’s all about the clit, but exploring every part of your vagina will only result in increased arousal. You can run your fingers along the labia, along the sides of the clitoris or head towards the entrance of the vagina. You might even find a hot spot down there besides the clitoris, so keep searching. Do this  while engaging in hot sexual talk.

There is a horny caller ready to make you cum over the phone, you just got to pick up the phone and give us a ring. It’s always better with someone else, but if your home alone and your fuck buddy is busy our phone sex lines are perfect for all your sexual needs.