There are no real rules when it comes to phone dating but there are a few things you should keep in mind not to chat about until you get to know your new phone friend better and possibly only when you have met in-person.

Basically, it’s important to use your intuition and common sense together when you are revealing information to someone new in any scenario. This is also true for new phone friends. Don’t go giving out your address and other personal information over the chat lines because that could possibly lead to trouble.

It’s fine to talk about something personal or tell stories of your childhood that have lead you to be who you are today. But when it comes to personal details of your current life that is best to be spoken about when you already know someone better.

Intuition can go a long way on the chat lines. If you feel like someone has good intentions, most likely they do. Intuition is that gut feeling that comes up in us giving a general feeling about something.

When you follow your intuition, you are doing right by you and if thoughts are coming up that make you uncomfortable, they are probably there for a reason.

Common sense is a basic understanding that you don’t want to reveal too much to someone new too soon. When you use both intuition and common sense together, you are protecting yourself in a way that’s healthy and keeping yourself safe.

Most people on the chat lines mean well and are genuine and want the best for self and others but just like with in-person interactions, it is difficult to say that about all people. Always do what’s right for you and what feels right for you.

The chat lines are open all the time so you can give a call whenever you feel like it and get instantly connected with a single person who lives in your area. Give it a try and explore what you want and what others around you want.