Not so fast, dating app swipers. A study shows people who use “picture-based mobile dating apps” aren’t having more casual sex than people who don’t use the phone apps.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the journal Personality and Individual Differences examined the dating habits of 641 university students between 19 and 29 years old.

Half of these students used various popular picture-based dating apps and became horny while using them, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were having more sex than people not using the apps.

People who are not using these dating apps are finding love in the same ways as people who are swiping right. Researchers actually found out that women are pickier than men and less are using public-facing apps.

Women spend more time going through potential candidates on dating apps while men are a lot more efficient, going after the most fresh tail in less time. Essentially, you have the same chance to find someone to bang in your local bar or on our local chat line then you do on one of these mobile dating apps.

Dating apps may make it seem like it’s easier to get laid in comparison to traditional dating, but it’s actually more ineffective. One swipe right doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get those drawers.

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