Anyone who’s ever worked graves knows how that can completely complicate your life. All of your friends and family members are toiling away at their jobs and personal lives while you’re sleeping.

So, you end up missing out on a lot of social events they host. Then, on the odd chance your best buddy gets the go ahead to go out at night, it’s always on the night you’re on call – and, of course, get called in.

Working graves or rotating shifts adds a whole new complication to dating, too. As if it weren’t already hard enough, trying to figure out how to make another person happy, and be part of their life, when you live in opposite time zones.

No matter how hot they started off, or how many times you lose sleep and have your job threatened because you dozed off at work so that you can barely participate in their lives, things end up just falling apart.

That’s why phone dating is like the best thing ever invented! There’s always someone on the line, 24/7, so when you hit with that stretch between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., instead of struggling to stay awake, you start looking forward to it.

Because that means it’s your time to do some flirting and even getting some phone sex in! No one’s around, and you’re totally anonymous, so no one’s going to be telling on you.

Plus, it’s really cool to know just how many other people out there are doing their living at night. How many other jobs, besides the bar scene, require a night shift.

Which means you can stop dating bartenders and diner staffers, and find someone that you could actually have a relationship with, if you wanted! Because they get you, and it’s already “working”.