Here are a few more great tips for keeping safe in the dating world:

Treat the date as you would if you were still at home.

Most all of the safety recommendations that you see in advice columns and blogs still apply. In fact, there may be a few additional safety measures that you decide to take when traveling to a place that you do not know much about. Examples of the safety measures that should be made, regardless of where the date is, include:

Make a plan before the date.

Stick with this plan. If you plan to be multiple days in the city, regardless of the results the date, you can leave the option open for spending the night on mutual common ground for another day. This info also applies to dates you meet after calling off the singles phone chat numbers.

This will also allow you to let your date know what your plans are, and where you are going. Talk with them before making plans. Also, let yourself know whether you are open to going home with the person that you are going on a date with or not. If you decide to spend the night with someone, consider getting a hotel room instead of going to their place.

Not only can this be safer due to location, but it can also add a lot of conveniences when it comes to needing to get back to the airport or use public transportation or a cab to get other places. Safety is a crucial part of the dating process and is something that should be taken seriously.

Oh, and a tangent here, some people choose not to post pictures of their favorite hotspots. If you decide to, which many people do, it may be a better plan not to post in the tagline that you are there every Wednesday for karaoke or every Saturday to club.

Some people choose a different strategy with this, but some information might be better to save until you have had the three to six phone-sex date conversations (or more) that professionals recommend.

Stay safe and enjoy the dating process, there are many people (in many places) that are looking to date. Enjoy the process as much as you can, and best of luck.