Your long time phone lover may have helped you to learn more about yourself by being there for you on the chat lines. Are you feeling generous and want to show him or her how much you appreciate and respect their love?

Easy gifts that always make people feel good are cards. You could send an e-card to your phone lover and express how much you care and are truly happy. If you want your phone lover to know you are thinking about him or her, you can be simple and send a text or a sext. This can build up the time you have over the phone with one another.

By simply being vigilant about saying hi with a picture message, your phone lover knows that you’re thinking about him or her. If you want to get something a little more extravagant you could remember things that he or she said during the phone dates and send it to him or her.

You can also send gift cards. There really isn’t a limit on what you can gift your phone partner. The fact that you are even considering it is great.

There are also gifts you can give your phone lover while on a phone date. If you know what they like sexually you could jump into a scenario doing just that or if their is a special fantasy that your lover wants to try out be open about it and give it a whirl.

The chat lines are always open so you can speak to your phone boo whenever convenient for the both of you. You can also open up about fantasies that you like and see if your phone friend is on the same page.

Perhaps let your phone lover lead the way when it comes to gifting. You can use the direct approach by asking your phone friend what he or she would like.