We all know our phone community party lines can get pretty risqué and many callers love a good sex story. We love all our sexy members and encourage you all to be the super sexy beings that you are, and to get the conversation started this blog is going to discuss airplane sex and how to have it.

You can then take this newfound knowledge and share it with others when you call in to our always-exciting party lines! You can also share your real life airplane sex experiences with others!

Who knows, you may meet a little hottie on our lines and find yourselves flying off to some tropical local where you will be presented with the opportunity for a little airplane sex yourselves!

Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen have both admitted to having airplane sex, so if you’ve already had airplane sex you are in good company. If you haven’t but want to, here are a few tips and pointers on how to join the mile high club. Red eye flights are a great way to get a bit of privacy as people typically take them to sleep the flight away.

As the other passengers fall asleep, you and your booty call can sneak off into a bathroom and get a quickie in before anyone even notices you are gone! Another sneaky move is to get some mutual masturbation going under one of the flight provided blankets.

But mind you, this is the reason you never use a blanket that isn’t opened up fresh out of the packaging! A more risky move is to ask a flight attendant if you and your potential pal can stretch your legs in the galley. Now mind you, you have to be quick here and make sure the coffee pot isn’t on or someone can leave with a burned bum!

Have an airplane sex tip or story that you’d like to share? Hop on a chat line free trial and tell all! Or call in for a live intimate chat and share your flying fantasies with a hottie that would love to join you!